Available jobs in Canada for immigrants

Aside from study, the second most common reason why many foreigners – mostly Nigerians – move to Canada is to look for better jobs that would offer them better pay and security. But what are the available jobs in Canada for immigrants?

There is no doubt that medics and IT experts are in high demand in Canada, but there are other jobs you could do as an immigrant; even so, some of these jobs don’t require prior working experience. Think of babysitting, home teacher jobs, cleaners, etc., now you got that right.

This article lists some of the top on-demand job positions and professions for Canadian immigrants. Well, some of these jobs require you’re already in Canada, while for some of them, you can apply from your country and resume operations when you arrive in Canada.

Available Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

You can subscribe to Canadian job listing websites to receive first-hand notifications about new job opportunities in specific Canadian cities. But then, these jobs below are in high demand; many employers and homeowners are looking to hire talents for these tasks/jobs. One good thing about getting a job in Canada is that the pay is always good.

1. IT/ICT Experts

Skills Needed: Coding, Data Analysis, Visualization, Web Development, Excel/PowerPoint, Database, etc.

Some of the highest-paying jobs an immigrant can get in Canada are in the information technology niche. These require you have some specific IT/ICT skills to qualify. Many tech companies are operating in Canada, and these companies are open to hiring impressive talents that match their required skill set.

So, maybe, if you haven’t acquired these skills yet, you should consider undergoing training to get them – and also get a certificate to prove you’ve mastered these skills. Particularly, web development, database management, and data analysis are the most common IT skills in demand in Canada.

2. Caregivers

Skills Needed: None, particularly.

Another common job you can easily get in Canada as an immigrant is caregiving; caregivers in Canada earn a decent monthly salary, and there are not many requirements needed; instead, the agency you’d sign up with may put you through some necessary training and classes to educate you on how to go about caregiving services (for them).

Furthermore, some agencies that deploy caregivers to clients may require you have a little knowledge of some specific medical aspects. But there’s no one-rule-for-all in this profession; you can get employed as a caregiver even when you’ve got no particular prior experience.

3. Nanny/Babysitting

Skills Needed: None, particularly

Homeowners in Canada constantly look out for helping hands – especially when it’s a big home and/or they’ve got kids that need to be closely watched. You can get employed as a nanny or babysitter in a Canadian home even when you’ve got no higher educational qualifications; notwithstanding, some homeowners go for nannies with certain educational qualifications.

4. Chef/Cook or Housekeeper

Skills Needed: Culinary skills

If you can cook pretty well, one of the commonest jobs, you can get in Canada as an immigrant is to work as a chef/cook for a homeowner, a restaurant, or a street/fast food shop. You only need to know how to cook to get this job – no other skills are required in most cases.

Similarly, you could get employed as a housekeeper to look after the entire home, keep the floors and couches clean, and do some house chores. This job doesn’t require any soft skill or educational qualification – you just get employed, probably due to referral or appeal.

5. Store Keeper, Shop Assistant, Shop Staff

Skills Needed: No skills particularly, but some employers may want people with a little knowledge of business and accounting.

You could work as a staff in a supermarket or any big store within your Canadian province; such jobs have good pay, and in most cases, you don’t need to have high educational qualifications to secure one for yourself.

6. Health Jobs

Skills Needed: Medical skills

There are many professions in the health sector – from medical doctors and registered nurses to dentists, surgeons, opticians, and many other disciplines. If you have good certificates in specific health disciplines, you could get a good-paying job in Canada. More so, since after the covid19 pandemic, Canadian health firms and hospitals have been in high demand of medics. Pharmacists are also in high demand in Canada. All health professions are in high demand in America country.

7. Farmers

Skills Needed: Agricultural skills, how to use and operate farming equipment/plants.

Most farms in Canada are looking for people with specific agricultural skills to help in different aspects of the farm. If you have prior farming experience in your home country, you could get a job on a Canadian farm quite easily. Also, if you can operate farming plants and equipment, you’d have many opportunities to grab.

8. Driver

Skills Needed: Driving skills and a driving license

If you’re an expert driver, you can get employed by a Canadian delivery service company to help them in delivering orders to customers. You could work as a company driver to drive some dignitaries around for business purposes. Some homeowners may also need a live-in driver to drive their old parents or kids around whenever they need to get somewhere. But, you must have a driving license to get this job.

What You Must Know as an Immigrant Looking to Work in Canada

You must have a work permit to live legally and go about your daily job in Canada. You could go for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) and get a temporary permit that makes you employable in Canada; after that, you can apply for permanent residency or renew your work permit.

There are two types of Canadian work permits: open work permits and employer-specific work permits. Depending on your kind of job, your employer may assist you in getting the employer-specific permit, but an open work permit lets you work anywhere in Canada. Best of luck in your pursuit of finding greener pastures in Canadian.


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