Astronomers question their knowledge after a distant galaxy emits strange radio signals ‘facing the wrong way’

Consultant picture of Galaxy MACS J0717 sequence (X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/van Weeren et al.; optical: NASA/STScI; radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA) The apple falls from the tree as a result of gravity follows exact guidelines on our planet. We really feel sleepy after consuming rice as a result of it helps launch calming hormones in our our bodies. In nature, … Read more

As reflecting satellites fill the sky, students make sure astronomers can adapt

Grace Halferty, who graduated this summer time with a bachelor’s diploma in aerospace and mechanical engineering and lead writer of the analysis paper, with researchers made to measure the brightness and place of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. Credit score: Kyle Mitan/College of Arizona As satellites crawl throughout the sky, they mirror gentle from the solar again … Read more