Robert Drew on the discovery of the baby phenomenon in Australia: “I thought, ‘Why hasn’t anyone heard of it?'” | Australian Books

TThe sepia lithograph within the Nationwide Library was irresistible to the novelist Robert Drew. A younger boy in pink shorts was painted in 1866, leaning on an English winding nation highway. On the trainer is the winner’s scarf. John Day was the “Baby Phenomenon of Australia”. At 10 years previous, weighing 4 stones, he was … Read more

Oliver Mull on surviving a migraine for 10 months: ‘If I don’t tell this story it will rot inside of me’ | Australian books

WThe quantity of Oliver Mull’s hen novel, The Lion Assault!, was launched in 2015 and has been hailed as one of many vibrant younger issues in Australian literature. However within the aftermath, he developed a 10-month migraine that trapped the creator in a “freezing panic”. The ache was so extreme, so brutal, that Mole may … Read more